Rear Admiral Patrick von Neyuss

  • Half gold Dragon Human
  • Has overall command of the fleet and serves as captain of the Scion
  • Orders of merit
    • The Imperial Brevett Medal with (2 stars)
    • Emperors unit citation
    • Distinguished Service medal (3 stars)
    • Imperial legion of merit
    • Silver sunburst with crossed talons (2 stars)

Navigator Bradley Bentstaff

  • Halfing
  • Chief navigator of the Thunderchild
  • Believed to be the greates living navigator in Deserene, if not in all of Quesemet

Captain Saltarion

  • Elf
  • Captain of the SOLAR advanced recon team
  • Coordiantes all the fleets recon elements

Lord General Vaughn Brecillian

  • Human
  • Comamnds the fleets legion elements


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