Rule amendments

For simplicity everything i nthe game is being broken down into: Forbidden, Restricted and Standard. Somethign may be forbidden for many reasons, such as it it too powerful in its current incarnation, suck as polymorph any object or is rare enough to be nearly impossible to have for example: Knowledge (Dark Zone)


  • All PHB, DMG and SH classes
  • Arcane Archer, Arcane Trickster, Archmage, Dragon Disciple, Duelist, Dwarven Defender, Eldritch Knight, Heirophant, Horizon Walker, Loremaster, Mystic Theurge, Thaumaturgist
  • All SH prestige classes
  • Arcane Commando, Celestial Guardian, Combat Ace, Imperial Arcanist, Infowarrior, Imperial Legionnaire, Noetic Warrior, Royal Marshall Inspector, Unification Missionary, Royal Expedtionary Service Trailblazer, Scientific Arcanist
  • The Corsair, House Trader, League Runner
  • All PHB and SH Skills and feats
  • All PHB and SH spells, except for those mention in the restricted and forbidden sections.
  • All non masterwork PHB equipment
  • All non masterwork items not lsited in the restricted or forbidden list


A character begins play with two restrited slots and gains an additional one every two levels. Thes slots may be used at any time to reserve something, for example, a restrited prestige class

  • Shadow Dancer prestige class
  • The Dark Zone Explorer, Dragon Slayer, Ecoterrorist, The Faithfull Servant, The Galactic Conquerer, The Machine Man, The Master Roboticist 
  • The Free Captain
  • All Galactic races feats unlesss you are of that race, then they become standard
  • Permenancy Spell
  • Masterwork items
  • Martial ranged weapons
  • All grenades and grenade like weapons
  • Heavy and powered armour
  • Robots and robot upgrades
  • All Vehicles
  • All equipmnt from Guide to the Galaxy
  • Imperial Supply


A character may never pick off the forbidden list. Ever.

  • More then one Template
  • Assassin and Blackguard
  • The Rebel and Adamantine Infiltrator
  • Any Schools
  • Polymorph Self
  • Polymorph other
  • Martial starship weapons, unless the party aquires their own ship
  • Hellfire rounds

Rule amendments

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